"I think you identified a common pain point for a lot of users, and the automated installation of the Particle toolchain is a problem that we've been focused on a lot recently ... you should already feel proud of yourself because you have made a meaningful contribution to the community. We are all very thankful for it - our community regularly impresses us, and you are certainly not an exception."

Will Hart, Particle General Manager

"It has been nearly flawless and a HUGE productivity booster... I cannot believe your steps worked installing so many utils and dependencies perfectly... The Particle world owes you a big debt. If there were Emmy awards for Particle contribs, you would get one."

Andrew Ward, Particle Community Member

"Nice! This is great stuff. Definitely helpful for the local dev / offline use case. Thanks for sharing."

Avidan Ross, Particle Investor

"Thanks a lot for this amazing tool. I finally managed to get everything as I wanted: to be able to work off-line."

Yannick, Particle Community Member

"Po-util is a very handy script - thanks for sharing."

H.S, Particle Community Member

"I can't heart this enough!"

Josh Fisher, Particle Community Member

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