"I think you identified a common pain point for a lot of users, and the automated installation of the Particle toolchain is a problem that we've been focused on a lot recently ... you should already feel proud of yourself because you have made a meaningful contribution to the community. We are all very thankful for it - our community regularly impresses us, and you are certainly not an exception."

Will Hart, Particle General Manager

"I found that po-util works wonders by condensing the many disparate steps required to automate command-line interactions with Particle products into simple, clear commands. No need to futz with the weird serial stuff on Linux, and nicely full featured. So much better than pressing the buttons, even if you aren’t automating anything else. Highly recommend!"

Justice Reed, Head of Hardware, Amper Technologies

"It has been nearly flawless and a HUGE productivity booster... I cannot believe your steps worked installing so many utils and dependencies perfectly... The Particle world owes you a big debt. If there were Emmy awards for Particle contribs, you would get one."

Andrew Ward, Particle Community Member

"Nice! This is great stuff. Definitely helpful for the local dev / offline use case. Thanks for sharing."

Avidan Ross, Particle Investor

"Thanks a lot for this amazing tool. I finally managed to get everything as I wanted: to be able to work off-line."

Yannick, Particle Community Member

"Po-util is a very handy script - thanks for sharing."

H.S, Particle Community Member

"I can't heart this enough!"

Josh Fisher, Particle Community Member

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